Heads Up! Upgrade Your NSX to 6.2.5

When I’m downloading some binaries lately from VMware, I found the NSX 6.2.5 has been released some days ago. And on checking out the release notes of it from HERE, I immediately upgrade and convince my customer to upgrade it from their existing version. Because from this version, you can obtain some very important bug fixes, and those are covering the following aspects:

  1. VXLAN
  2. Logical Network
  3. Edge Service Gateway
  4. Security

And I believe the fixes enable one to have an even more robust and stable Virtual Networking environment. And this is why I would recommend you performing the upgrade as soon as possible. While as a good practices, do check the VMware Interoperability to ensure your integrated solutions are supported.

While the upgrade is just same trivial as the other NSX upgrade, and I would like to share quickly here on the steps I performed, and in high level procedures, one would have to upgrade:

  1. NSX Manager
  2. NSX Controllers
  3. NSX ViB files on Prepared ESXi Hosts
  4. NSX Edges

So, let’s get started. First, Download the Upgrade Bundle from VMware.com. Remember to download the “NSX for vSphere Upgrade bundle”

Login the NSX Manger admin page, I didn’t troubleshoot a lot here. But seems I cannot get it working thru’ Firefox or Chrome, so every time I use Internet Explorer

Trivially, click the Upgrade button on login. You can see from the screen the previous version in my environment is 6.2.4.

The click the Upgrade button again for upload the downloaded upgrade bundle

Select the upgrade bundle by browse and click continue to start the uploading. The wizard will upload and verify the package for you.

After the verification, you can click continue to proceed and following message will be visible to continue the upgrade. From the wizard message, you can see i’m upgrading the environment from 6.2.4 to 6.2.5. I would recommend you taking a snapshot before confirming the upgrade

Let the upgrade run and you would need to close the browser and religion the NSX manager portal later, since the upgrade process will reboot the NSX manager.

So on re-login, you can see my NSX manager is on it’s 6.2.5 version already. The NSX Manager has been successfully upgraded.

Afterwards, you need to continue the upgrade task at your vSphere Web Client to upgrade the other components i.e. NSX Controllers, NSX edge and NSX related VIBs on ESXi Hosts.

Go to the “Networking & Security” After login

Go to the “Installation” menu and “management” tab, you can see “Upgrade Available” beside the NSX Manager Instance

Click on it and confirm the upgrade, it will proceed in upgrading your NSX Controller. Yes… You can see I only have 1 controller which is NOT supported. But it’s good enough for my lab test, for you case you would upgrade 3 of them. No down time will be incurred if you have 3 controllers as they will load sharing themselves.

So wait till the task complete and confirm NSX controllers is in green status.

Then you would need to upgrade the VIB files in the ESXi hosts which serve the NSX features. You can go to the “Host Preparation” tab from the “installation” menu, again click the “Upgrade Available” to start the upgrade.

More than often, when you are doing the upgrade, you will NOT be able to perform the above steps successfully. As in removing the VIB, host reboot is required… and you would have to manually putting ESXi hosts into maintenance mode and reboot one by one to complete the VIB upgrade.

Yet, this would not be very difficult to complete the upgrade as following

So finally, we have to upgrade the ESG from the “NSX Edges” menu. You can spot the Blue Up Arrow besides the “Deployed” Status column indicates upgrade is available for a specific host

This is easy by right click it and press “Upgrade Version”. But the important point I would like to state here is that upgrade ESG would incur some interruption of services as the Edge is a VM, it will be replaced by another newly deployed VM. And during the take over step from the Old VM to New VM, network packets are expected to be dropped.

So after upgrade, you can see the blue arrow has gone and you have completed the whole upgrade of NSX and now the NSX is of Version 6.2.5!

Great! All done, you have upgraded your environment already! Wish you enjoy the guide and wish this is helpful for you again!

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